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Another Rehabilitation Success Story

Carmela's Story
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Carmela’s Story

Carmela admitted to Cadia Healthcare Wheaton for rehabilitation after multiple rounds of chemotherapy and a long post-operative course at the hospital.   At the time of admission, she was dependent on total parenteral nutrition (TPN) feeding, had poor tolerance for activity, and was only able to walk very short distances up to 25 feet with a walker.

Her motivation to get stronger proved her resilience as she participated well in all her rehabilitation therapy sessions.    She gradually improved her tolerance to participate in the self-care activities.  Upon discharge Carmela was able to walk without an assistive device for up to 350 feet, independent with toilet transfer, independent with lower body dressing, and independent with light home management tasks.   She no longer required TPN and was able to tolerate a regular diet.

Carmela returned home with her family for Easter as planned and stated upon departure, “Thank you for all your services.”


Our rehabilitation staff assists residents to develop a comprehensive program utilizing the latest therapeutic technologies tailored to their individualized needs. Our entire team collaborates to help our residents reach their highest level of independence and return home.


Carmela's Story

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