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Another Rehabilitation Success Story

“Thank you for helping me get my Dad home.” – Jennifer, Franciso’s Daughter
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Jennifer’s Story

Franciso admitted to Cadia Healthcare Wheaton totally dependent for all activities of daily living, transfers, and required a feeding tube for nutrition.

During his stay, Franciso improved from dependent level for mobility to being able to sit in for wheelchair 2-3 hours. His increased endurance and strength gained from his comprehensive therapy program positively impacted his ability to assist with his activities of daily living.  Speech therapy also worked with Franciso to eat on his own.

His family attended caregiver training with the Cadia Healthcare Wheaton therapy team, and they were able to safely and confidently have Franciso return home with them.


Our rehabilitation staff assists residents to develop a comprehensive program utilizing the latest therapeutic technologies tailored to their individualized needs. Our entire team collaborates to help our residents reach their highest level of independence and return home.


“Thank you for helping me get my Dad home.” – Jennifer, Franciso’s Daughter

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